The White Raven:

Redefining Shamanism



April 1 – 8, 2024

Kristen Bielecki

Soul Embodiment Guide

Kristen Bielecki is an Intuitive, Crystalline Grid Architect, Awakening and Soul Embodiment Guide. She creates a safe space for those ready to deepen their self awareness, transform imbalanced patterns to love, know and be their true Soul selves.

Kristen has a passion for supporting people to have deep self inquiry, the ability to listen to their Soul, heart, thoughts, emotions and physical body, and the strength to apply what is felt and heard to be Unified on all levels for a free and joyful life.

She is able to access information in one’s Multidimensional field for Quantum shifts in the energy body and timelines to support one’s embodiment of their highest expression.

She has co-authored International Best Selling books and she has an 8yo son who she loves to garden, hike, swim and connect to crystals with.

Mariangela Parrodi

Alchemist and Shamanic Healer

Mariangela Parrodi is an award-winning alchemist, shaman, transformational medical intuitive healer, naturopath, wellness leader, author, teacher, and spiritual coach. #1 International best-seller of The Mystic Woman’s Compass.

For 30 years, Mariangela has practised in the fields of energy medicine, biomedical science, naturopathy, holistic health, and meditation. Using her sacred alchemy process to find the power behind your sacred scars, activates the raw shamanic potential to bridge the gaps, and step out into your brilliance. She moves clients through their challenges and accelerates them onto their next level of joy-filled passion, purpose, and prosperity without compromising their health.

She is the Founder of the Alkymia Energie Healing ™, a spiritual system that eliminates limiting beliefs, removes blocks and reprograms the mindset, creating connection, integration and transformation.

She guides healers to fully express their sacred power, boldly live to their highest potential, using their soul gifts to create deep transformation in the world, and be rewarded with a sustainable income.

Alicia Sunflower

Medicine Woman Therapist

Alicia Sunflower, MS is a Medicine Woman Therapist. A Rainbow Bridge for Western Trauma-Informed Somatic Based Psychology, Shamanic Facilitation, and Quantum Sound Healing—Alicia Sunflower’s passion is in supporting people to do the deep and profound multidimensional work of personal, ancestral, collective and cultural trauma healing in safe, ethical, integral and integrative containers. In her therapy work, Alicia specializes in complex trauma, grief, spiritual awakening and psychedelic integration. As a teacher and mentor, Alicia helps other shamanic facilitators become trauma informed and psychologically integrative in their ceremonial work, especially with plant medicine. As an artist, Sunflower is a channel for angelic frequencies as both a singer songwriter, Intuitive freestyler, and sound healer.

Lisa Koche

Triple Board-Certified Physician, Functional Medicine and Longevity Expert, and Quantum Energy Practitioner

Dr. Lisa Saff Koche, M.D. is a Triple Board-Certified Physician, Functional Medicine and Longevity Expert, and Quantum Energy Practitioner. She is the Founder and Director of Spectra Wellness Solutions, an International Speaker, author, and Tony Robbins’ lead physician for his Life Mastery Health Program. She specializes in anti-aging and biohacking through regenerative, traditional, and integrative medicine and has a passion for helping others find true healing in both their mind and body. Dr. Lisa has dedicated her career to cracking the code and making it simple for people to heal themselves and achieve peak performance.

Nan Akasha

Jaguar Medicine Woman, Cosmic Shaman, Spiritual Mentor

Nan Akasha is a visionary who has traveled dimensions for 36 years and embodies the akasha. A Melchizedek Method and multiple Mystery Schools Initiate (Melchezedek +), Akasha is a Jaguar Vision Medicine Woman and she has the “uncanny ability to see right to the core of your challenge”. Able to travel, see, sense and move energy on many dimensions and create soul healing through her multidimensional shamanic healing and teachings, she is a “heart chakra with legs”. Founder of the Akasha Mystery School of Sacred Feminine Arts, Intuition Awakening and LightBody Healing and live Soul transforming retreats, Akasha is a Wisdom Keeper and clear spirit guide, animal and dolphin communicator. As a conduit for the magical realms and an oracle for The Timeless Prosperity Grandmother Dreamweavers Wisdom Watchers, her clients call her their Fairy Godmother as she bathes you in love and joy and opens you to your inner truth, power, purpose and path.
Author of 7 bestselling books and hundreds of online programs, Akasha is called a “Fairy Godmother” and “like Abraham Hicks on steroids” by her students.

Michelle Hawk

Shaman, Alchemist, Spiritual Mentor

Michelle began practicing Shamanism in 2003. Her lineages come from Hungarian and Celtic shamanism. A naturally gifted psychic and intuitive channel, Michelle’s work with Alchemy, Shamanic energies, and multiple certifications as a Master Healer allow her to offer the deepest level of transformational work. She mentors and trains practitioners in Shamanic Alchemy and the healing arts, and helps people master their intuitive gifts and magical birthright. As a Shaman, biologist and passionate naturalist, her practice is rooted in deep reverence for life and the wisdom of Gaia, scientific principles of ecology and environmentalism, and genuine appreciation and enthusiasm for nature. Sacred Ecology: How to Work with Land and Nature Spirits course begins May 1. Register now and get $100 off with this discount code: RAVEN100

Alana Heim

Cosmic Prosperity Activator

Alana Heim, CPA/PFS, CFP®, serves as a Cosmic Prosperity Activator guiding you to navigate the energetic currents beneath your work, life, and money, so you naturally flow in the river of infinite prosperity. She uses Human Design, Gene Keys, Neo-Shamanic energy work, and financial expertise to support you with innerstanding yourself, your relationship with money, and your prosperity flow.

After working over fifteen years in the Public Accounting industry, Alana realized her expertise was needed in the unique role of providing financial guidance as it extends beyond the physical aspect of money into the realms of emotional, mental, and spiritual prosperity. Alana knows that as the planet continues to shift at an accelerated rate, it is crucial for you to be in a centered place, innerstanding yourself and your truth, so you’re manifesting all that you’re ready to receive with ease and joy.

Alana is a 5x best-selling contributing author to Abundance By Design: Discover Your Unique Code for Health, Wealth and Happiness with Human Design, What’s Money Got to Do With It?, Stop Overworking and Start Overflowing: 25 Ways to Transform Your Life using Human Design, The Energy Medicine Solution, and Purpose By Design.

Camille Ganir

Spiritual Guide, Energetic Energy Healer

Camille G, a trance-channel healer and messenger, is dedicated to facilitating healing and transformation. With a unique ability to channel energies from Archangel Michael, Camille works tirelessly to remove blocks and restore balance in individuals’ lives.

In her healing practice, Camille connects with Archangel Michael and invokes the assistance of other divine light beings, including Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, and Metatron, Gaia, Madame Pele – Goddess of the Volcano, the Dragons, and more recently, Galactic Beings such as Pleiadians, Arcturians, and the Lemurians and most recently, the Hathors. This collaborative effort allows Camille to harness powerful healing energies and bring about profound shifts in her clients’ well-being.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Camille’s upbringing exposed her to a rich tapestry of beliefs and traditions. The presence of superstitions in various religions and the deep respect for Hawaiian Kahunas and their ceremonies fueled her curiosity about the unseen aspects of life. It was a heartbreak in 2009 that led her to seek help from an energy healer, triggering a transformative journey.

Driven by a deep desire to learn and grow, Camille immersed herself in continuous learning, taking classes for over thirteen years. Through her personal experiences and ongoing education, she underwent a profound personal transformation, confronting deep-seated anger, healing familial dynamics, addressing health and nutrition issues, and witnessing miraculous shifts in her life. –

Now, Camille shares her knowledge and gifts with others, empowering them to navigate their own healing journeys. Her expertise lies in helping individuals shift family dynamics and ancestral patterns, leading to the elimination of health issues at their roots. With her guidance, clients experience relief, healing, and the opportunity for lasting transformation.

Willow Merchant

Spiritual Midwife

Over the last 25 years Willow has had the privilege of walking with over 10k women through their childbearing years. Willow spiritually midwifes families through emergence as vibrant, loving beings to nurture the next generation. Her gift is honoring and empowering families on their journey around parenthood with kindness, compassion and ultimately healing. Willow is working to change the conversation by witnessing the experience, holding space, and asking powerful questions to coach around personal growth and development. Willow helps building families cultivate community by supporting heart centered care and redefining the way we are in relationship with one another. Willow is the founder of Emerging Hearts Collective.

Willow holds a Masters of Science in Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Nurse Coach, and has completed multiple certifications including trauma informed care and alternative healing modalities to support her clients. She guides women from all walks of life celebrating and learning while serving families.

Evangeline Hemrick

Shamanic Healer

Evangeline Hemrick is a shamanic healer & educator, podcaster and author of two #1 bestselling books on Amazon. Evangeline’s first book, True Calling-The Successful Hands-On Healer, is a career guidebook and self-care resource dedicated to holistic practitioners who want to grow their business & heal their lives.

Throughout Evangeline’s 29-year career as an energy healing instructor, licensed massage therapist & spa consultant, she traveled the world extensively in search of effective healing methods.

Evangeline loves hosting and producing The Next Level Healer Podcast. She became a non-denominational ordained minister in 2008 & founded Evangeline Hemrick Ministries, a non-profit organization developed for the restoration of healers. Her professional background as owner of Elements Day Spa, combined with extensive training in indigenous healing traditions, influences her course creation and writing.

She offers four online training programs: a foundational course in modern shamanism, a certification program in energy healing modalities, intuitive coaching certification and death doula training.

Evangeline & her husband live in North Carolina with their 16-year old son Austin and dog Kona. She offers remote healing sessions, intuitive coaching, shamanic ceremonies, and virtual classes. When Evangeline isn’t teaching, writing, or mentoring clients, you can find her making flower essences and fire dancing.

Kevin Humphrey

EnglishMystic Dragon Rider

Kev, a seasoned entrepreneur and IT expert with nearly four decades in the field, is now a master in the mystical realms. Based near the enchanting Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England, he has delved deep into the world of Shamanism, becoming a Reiki master, Rahanni celestial energy healer, and a dedicated practitioner of ancient Shamanic arts.

But it doesn’t stop there. Kev’s unique connection with Dragons is a central part of his journey. He’s not only a Dragon Shaman but also a passionate teacher, spreading the wisdom of Shamanism and guiding people on how to connect with their very own Dragon guides.

Join Kev as he brings the wisdom and magic of the dragons to the forefront. His deep knowledge of Shamanism, spirit guides, and his profound insights into the mystical world will leave you spellbound. 

Karen Miller

Green Witch

Karen Miller, Green Witch, Crone, Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Animist, Spiritual Teacher and Coach

Through cultivating relationships to Mother Earth and her beings, I help others reconnect to themselves, let go of old programming, listen to their inner voice, heal old wounds and move forward in an empowered way to conjure up lives filled with peace, flow and joy.

Inspired by my own healing and spiritual journeys that have taken me from suicidal to thriving, Ravynwood offers courses and coaching to share how to apply ancient wisdom to modern life through a blend of the practical and magickal.

When I’m not working, you can find me outdoors enjoying nature, gardening, riding my horse or reading a good book.

Sydney Campos

Energy Expert, Visionary, Advisor, Best-Selling Author

Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Energy Expert, Strategy and Innovation Advisor, Transformational Facilitator and Best-Selling Author of “The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything” (2018) and “I’m Ascending, Now What?” (2023). She is the Founder of Akashic Facilitator Training and Lead Instructor of the Embodied Ascension Academy.
Sydney is devoted to creating Heaven on Earth. Since 2012, she has guided visionaries worldwide to embody their true selves, powerfully live their purpose and pioneer the worlds we wish existed. Whether advising conscious companies, mentoring leaders, training intuitive facilitators or hosting life-changing retreats – Sydney illuminates bridges into new dimensions.
Sydney is a sought-after expert in embodiment, conscious business, intuition and leadership. She has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine.

Atlantis Wolf

Professional Healer and Teacher

Emily Atlantis Wolf is a professional healer and teacher. (That means she gets paid to invent ways to heal people.) She climbed corporate ladders in civil engineering and financial investment services until 2009 when her mom died. She pivoted into healing arts, training to become a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist, Usui Reiki Master, Seneca Wolf Clan Shaman, and Master Breathwork Facilitator, among other certifications.

Since 2010, she has helped over 3,000 clients confront and care for their physical and metaphysical pain. And she’s still going. From chronic muscle tightness to trauma and unexpressed emotions, Atlantis combines practical and intuitive modalities. Part of her secret is connecting to spiritual realms using breathwork, drumming, fire ceremonies, and the guidance of galactic dragons.

She offers group meditations (free), writing courses, breathwork events, and retreats. Bringing mystical experiences to group gatherings is her joy. She would love to talk to you about bringing a healing ceremony to your women’s retreat or wellness event.

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Your Host

The White Raven


The White Raven specializes in unconventional techniques aimed at addressing the hidden layers of trauma that reside within your body and spirit. By delving into the depths of your being, we can unlock the power within and embark on a journey of healing and transformation. Holding a non judgemental space gives her clients a place to release pain, trauma, or stress. It’s a beautiful thing to witness the transformation. She completed a year long program certifying her as Kairos Healer. She continues to grow and learn on her journey to be a better healer. The White Raven is an unschooling momma of 4. She lives on a farm that has cows, dogs, cats, and more to come. She loves a good laugh and enjoys playing card games with family. She likes fairies, unicorns, and spirit animals.

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